VHH Variable domain of heavy chain Anibodies:

These are multi-player and highly effective and penetrating antibodies found in Camelids (Camel ) and Sharks.

Contrary to most animals' antibodies in their blood stream that are large compund antibodies that can not enterface with germs viruses and enzymes in small cornered places like cell membranes, these antibodies are relatively smaller, 10 times smaller. Moreover, these antibodies might cross the digestive system without degradation or breaking down into smaller pieces like what happens to the larger regular antibodies. it is also much resistant to heat and can survive in room temperature for a long time.

This has implications in pharmacology in developing new frontiers antibodies like what the company Ablyx from Holland does by cutting the important pieces of that antibodies and culture them instead in bacteria and plants. These even much smaller in size antibodies can penetrate to the specific target with pervading amounts which are called single domain antibodies as opposed to Variable domain antibodies which are readily activew against several diseases agents, but with less specificity. Nevertheless are helpful in giving a push helper hand to the already active but failing human immunity against a focal disease or emergent disease (a disease are yet to be known what it is that -at first- have no arsenal inventory to treat it in traditional allopathic Medicine such as currently MERS Corona Virus of the Middle East) 

these VHH antibodies in Camels explain why Camels don't get sick with many of viral diseases that are deadly on other cattle such as foot and mouth disease, Cattle Plague etc.

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